Volmaster Cookie Statement


This Cookie Statement explains in which way cookies of Volmaster are used on the website and/or the platform (hereafter collectively: the “Service”) and for which purpose these cookies are used.

Who is Volmaster?

Volmaster is a company based in the Netherlands, formally known as Volmaster b.v. (besloten vennootschap), with registered office at Nicolaas Maesstraat 85 in Amsterdam, listed at the Trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34376700.

What are cookies?

When using the Service, various cookies are saved on your computer, mobile device and/or tablet (“Devices”), which can then be accessed. Cookies are small pieces of information (in the form of text) that a server sends to the browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) with the intention that the browser sends this information back to the server the next time you make use of the Service. Cookies of the Service cannot damage your Device or the files saved on it.

How does Volmaster uses cookies?

Functional cookies:

Volmaster makes use of functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to provide you the services and functionalities you have requested. In particular, functional cookies remember your login information, so you do not have to log in again on a subsequent web page.

Deleting cookies

You can always withdraw your consent given to Volmaster for the placement and reading of cookies, by changing the setting of your browser so that it does not accept cookies or by deleting all cookies in your browser. Consult the help function of your browser to see how you can delete cookies.

If you disable or delete cookies, it is possible you will no longer be able to access (parts of) the website or that the website does not work optimally.

Refusing or deleting cookies only affects the Device and the browser on which you perform this action. If you use different Devices and/or browsers you will need to repeat the above described actions on these Devices and/or browsers. If you wish to use cookies, make sure you log-out of your account when you leave a Device for public use.

Privacy Statement

It is possible that information collected through a cookie or obtained otherwise, contains personal data. If this is the case, the Privacy Statement of Volmaster is applicable on the processing of these data. The Privacy Statement can be read on the website.


This Cookie Statement is subject to changes. We therefore advise you to regularly read the Cookie Statement for any such changes.


If you have questions about this Cookie Statement, do not hesitate to contact us via support@volmaster.com


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